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Equal-Opportunity-Policy at FRC

(Recruitment, Promotion, Training and other Human Resource Issues)
1.      Having taken cognizance of Section 9 of the Equal Opportunities Act 2008 which requires an employer to draw up and apply an Equal Opportunity Policy at his place of work with a view to minimising the risk of an employee being discriminated against and in order to promote recruitment, promotional training, selection and employment on the basis of merit.
2.      Having considered the obligation that an employer has, in light of his resources and circumstances in general, to take such measures as may be required to:
(a)    ensure that working conditions are suitable for women and men
(b)   facilitate gainful employment and parenthood for female and male employees.
3.      Having determined that the Financial Reporting Council, will have to adopt and apply an Equal Opportunity Policy in line with the Equal Opportunities Act; hereby declare that this Equal Opportunity Policy is geared towards building an organization where the employees will make full use of their talents, skills, experience and competence and where the employees feel respected and valued regardless of their status, that is, their age, caste, colour, creed, ethnic origin, impairment, marital status, place of origin, political opinion, race, sex or sexual orientation.
The Financial Reporting Council will ensure that no one receives less favourable treatment and that opportunities for employment, training and promotion are accessible to all candidates irrespective of their status.
The Financial Reporting Council undertakes that selection for employment, promotion, transfer and training and access to benefits, facilities and services will be fair and equitable and based solely on merit and not on the status of the employees or prospective employees.
The policy applies to all aspects of employment, from recruitment to termination of employment.
The Financial Reporting Council will take the following measures to implement the Policy as follows:
The Policy will be posted on the organisation’s website for the information of all employees and job applicants.
All employees will be made aware of the Policy; on their rights and responsibilities under the policy, and on how the Policy will affect the way they carry out their duties and also what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable conduct in the organisation.
Managers and employees in key decision-making areas will have to be knowledgeable on the discriminatory effects that certain provisions, practices, requirements, conditions and criteria can have on employees and the importance of being able to justify decisions to apply them.
Complaints on discrimination will be investigated and appropriate actions will be taken wherever applicable including disciplinary measures, if need be.
Opportunities for employment, promotion, transfer and training will be advertised widely, internally and externally. All applicants will be welcomed, irrespective of their status. Selection criteria will be entirely related to the job or training opportunity, based on merit.
Grievances, disciplinary action, performance appraisal and termination of employment will be monitored.
Requirements, conditions, provisions and practices will be regularly reviewed and revised with a view to eliminating any form of discrimination at work.

The Policy is a priority for the organisation and Council will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Policy.
Made by the Council on 15 November 2013